The Storehouse has been in transition for several years having been revived when another nonprofit, Adelante Development Center, stepped in to help us stay in operation. During the last few years we have been pleased to have one of their staff members fill in as a part-time director. While we will miss Anthony, we are excited to welcome Swarupa Watlington as the new executive director of the Storehouse.

“It is with a gracious heart that I introduce myself,” says Swarupa. “I am humbled and honored to be a part of the Storehouse efforts to fight hunger.”

Swarupa, whose name means ‘truth’, is a long-time advocate for children and families, having worked and volunteered for several local schools and churches over the years, as well as serving as a case manager and school director.  On her first day, Swarupa was pulled into the heart of the Storehouse mission. She met a woman who was 9 months pregnant who hadn’t eaten in several days. “We helped her fill a cart with greens, yogurt, and meat. The things you need to grow a healthy child. I was reminded of my own pregnancies and how concerned I was about the nutrition of my children. I felt for her and I was so glad the Storehouse was here to help. She hugged me and thanked me, offering me blessings, and I walked away with a full heart, knowing that the Storehouse truly helped her. Thanks to the Storehouse donors, she received a gift of food she really needed.”

Swarupa understands business operations and the trust that is placed in the Storehouse by our donors to use every resource wisely. That’s important because so many of those gifts come from local foundations and individuals like you who continue to support our work.

Swarupa appreciates the welcome she has received from the dedicated staff members and volunteers who make up the Storehouse, not to mention the many families we support.

“If you know the Storehouse’s history, you know that it is sustained by the generosity of donors and the dedication of staff and volunteers. I am continually amazed by the warmth and giving of our Albuquerque family. “

Swarupa reminds us that each of us can pitch in. “With summer here, many parents are looking for an opportunity to keep their children busy. I invite you to the Storehouse. By giving of your time and restocking shelves, repackaging bulk items into smaller packages or handing out food to our clients, you will find some quality time with your family and some fun, but also help your family understand the plight of others in our community.” This is a good reminder from our new executive director.

Welcome Swarupa!

Swarupa helps out at the Storehouse Mobile Neighborhood Pantry; Swarupa is happy to accept the proceeds from the Sugar Skull Fun Run to benefit the Storehouse