Phillip F. (Uncle Phil) Maloof passed away in April at the age of 93 in Las Vegas, Nevada, but his New Mexico legacy lives on as a philanthropist. The Uncle Phil Maloof Foundation recently gave a $25,000 contribution in honor of his memory to the Storehouse, to help provide food to people in need. This funding is enough for the Storehouse to provide 125,000 meals to local families.

The Directors of The Uncle Phil Maloof Foundation commented “Given the profound hardships many families in New Mexico are facing due to the COVID-19 pandemic, food insecurity has greatly increased at a time when many donors cannot afford to give. Uncle Phil’s resources were the result of his family’s successful business interests, through generations of effort, which have been supported by the people of New Mexico. This donation is, in a modest way, recognition of Uncle Phil and the longstanding ties of the Maloof family to New Mexico.

Uncle Phil Maloof a local philanthropist and donor to the Storehouse food pantry

The generous grant of $25,000 is being made in memory of ‘Uncle’ Phil Maloof, a member of the prominent Maloof family, known across the southwest as owners of Coors beer distributorships, hotels and a major bank in New Mexico, as well as hotel and casino business ventures in Las Vegas.

The Storehouse provides food for over 50,000 hungry people annually in central New Mexico. Even prior to the pandemic that pushed so many out of the work force, New Mexico ranked among the worst for food insecurity. Nearly 20% of New Mexicans wonder where there next meal will come from, and 1 in 4 children do not have enough to eat.

We are very appreciative of this grant from The Uncle Phil Maloof Foundation because the Storehouse relies on donations and volunteers to feed local families. Thank you to the Maloof family, the foundation, and all donors who support our efforts.