T-Mobile volunteers at Storehouse

This year the Storehouse is thankful to continue our partnership with T-Mobile and their dedicated and giving employees. Their generous donations in 2019 included over 3,200 pounds of food and $1,000 worth of hygiene items that the Storehouse provides to people who need them.

T-Mobile also extends their support as volunteers at the food pantry. Team members assist with sorting food donations, stocking shelves, and helping families as they navigate the food aisles. T-Mobile is truly making a difference for the 200 people who visit the Storehouse each day.

We are also excited to be the recipient of T-Mobile’s Pave the Way for the Storehouse campaign.

“We wanted to do more for the Storehouse. We asked what the Storehouse needed the most, and repaving the parking lot was something that would be beneficial for clients visiting the site,” stated Team PhenoMenaul Community Investment Champion, Mona Otero. With potholes, cracks, and uneven areas, the Storehouse parking lot can be a challenge for those who use walkers, are less surefooted, or even pushing a shopping cart to their vehicles.

Setting a goal of $8,000, employees were able to donate through a combination of volunteer time and monetary donations via T-Mobile’s Giving Portal. Team PhenoMenaul rallied together to volunteer over 400 hours and raised $1,495. Also, on Giving Tuesday, T-Mobile gifted all employees with $25 to donate to a nonprofit of their choice. “We were so happy that many of our employees chose to donate their funds to the Storehouse. Through this final push, we surpassed the $8,000 goal, raising a little over $10,000!” stated Mona.

As if that wasn’t enough, employees once again came together to donate over 350 gifts to children visiting the Storehouse in the days leading up the holidays. T-Mobile team member Adria was surrounded by gifts and was busy making sure children received gifts that would bring a smile to their faces. She said “It’s worth it when you see all of these kids.”

Storehouse Executive Director  Swarupa Watlington said, “T-Mobile has become family, I have such gratitude for the people that come together in our community. They put in hundreds of hours and that’s commendable.” Words can’t express how grateful we are for T-Mobile’s generosity. They are making a difference in the lives of some of the most vulnerable citizens of Albuquerque.