January is National Soup Month and the Storehouse has been celebrating by sharing soup recipes on our social media channels all month long. Of course, soup is such a healthy, convenient, and satisfying food no matter what month it is. That’s why soup month is every month at the Storehouse food pantry.

Delicious homemade soups can be made with just a few cans of ingredients. These are the ingredients for an easy minestrone soup.

Soup is Nutritious & Flavorful Every Month

There are varieties of soup for all kinds of tastes from the standards like tomato or chicken noodle, to Thai or Italian soups and everything in between. Of course, there are wonderful New Mexico favorites like posole or green chile stew. People often think of soups in colder months because it’s a great way to warm up. However, soup is good every month of the year. There are even soups meant to eat cold that are perfect for hotter weather. Gazpacho is a great example.

Soups are a great way to help you hydrate,  eat more vegetables, and clean out your refrigerator. Almost any vegetable mix can be made into a soup with some broth, to create a filling and flavorful meal. Meats such as chicken or beef can be a good addition, but soup is also good with just vegetables. The possibilities are endless.

The Storehouse gives away fresh produce to our clients alongside shelf stable foods. Many times of the year we have carrots or potatoes. Green chile and tomatoes are usually part of the food carts we give away in late summer and early fall. We do depend on donations, so what we have at the pantry varies every day.

The Storehouse has canned vegetable every month of the year. Fortunately, the canned varieties are also perfect for making all kinds of soups. In fact, the minestrone recipe we shared on our Facebook page was made entirely from canned goods and a box of pasta.

posole, a favorite soup in New Mexico, is often served with flour tortillas.
Posole is a favorite soup in New Mexico

Soup is Flexible for Small & Large Groups

Soup is a great meal for any number of people. Just making a meal for one? Leftovers make good lunches for several days and last well in the refrigerator. You can also freeze the rest for future meals.

Feeding a big group? Soup recipes are easy to double or even triple. Have just a few extra mouths to feed? Recipes can also be expanded without doubling every ingredient. Just add additional broth, or a few extra cans of beans or vegetables to extend a recipe for more people. With a large enough pot, you can really cook for a crowd.

Soup is a crowd-pleaser. Almost everyone likes soup! According to Campbell’s, 95% of people either like or love soup. We know our Storehouse clients enjoy having cans of soup in their carts each month.

Soups are Wonderful Pantry Donations

The Storehouse is fortunate to have so many supporters. We count on donations to fulfill our mission fighting hunger. A food drive or food donations are a great way to support our work. Soups are a regular offering at the food pantry. Individuals and families enjoy them. Soups are filling and come in a huge variety. They are usually canned, which makes them long-lasting in our pantry and at the homes of our clients. Soups are a good choice for our whole client base, from toddlers to seniors. They are easy to prepare as well. Even if a microwave is your only option.

All kinds of canned soups are appreciated by the Storehouse and our client families. However, the best ones to give are those that are the chunky or hearty varieties. They offer more protein and more vegetables. In short, they are far more filling than soups that are mostly broth. Pop-top cans are also appreciated. Some of our low-income clients do not have a can opener and this is a big help.

If you collect soups or any shelf stable foods, you can drop them off at the Storehouse Monday through Saturday from 8 am to 1 pm. Just come to our back door and ring the door bell. The back side is the one opposite Broadway, and you’ll find this door next to our big roll up door.

Check out our social media for soup inspiration this month!

If you’re looking for some awesome soup recipes, check out our social media pages like Facebook. We’re sharing recipes for soup all this month! 

And you can make soups as you want, from complex to simple. Did you know that AllRecipes.com has a list of soups that only need 5 ingredients? Yes! They have 10 soups that are both easy to make and cost effective.


If you’d like to be really soup-er, you can host your own fundraiser for the Storehouse. We give you the tools to do so.