Happy pet owners thankful for the services provided at the Storehouse Pet Clinic.

A note from our board member Nathan Sanchez…

I decided to serve on the Storehouse board of directors because I wanted to work on my two passions – helping people in need and helping pets that can’t help themselves.

It is often overlooked that many Storehouse clients, the people that depend on us for food, are also pet owners. These pets often are the one friend that can bring comfort. The Storehouse provides a monthly pet food pantry to help feed the dogs and cats belonging to our families. Unfortunately, people do not always have the means to take care of their pet beyond food, whether that involves vaccinations, addressing illnesses, or finding a lost pet. I saw a need and got to work on helping.

Thank you to the wonderful VCA staff.

Through a series of conversations with the Storehouse team and VCA of Albuquerque, a local animal hospital, the first pet clinic event was organized. In April 2018 we helped 24 dogs and 6 cats get checked by the veterinary team, receive their annual shots, and have a microchip implanted.

Our families were very thankful. For example, two brothers brought their Chihuahua. One of the brothers was schizophrenic and the only friends he had were his brother and his dog. He was so has always been worried that his dog was going to get sick or someone was going to take him away because he couldn’t afford vaccinations. He cried happy tears.

Subsequent pet clinics were sponsored by the Albuquerque Pet Memorial Service and supported by the great folks at VCA. In May we supported 50 pets and helped another 30 in August, even providing toys, collars, leashes, and some pet beds.

I’ve learned that if you have a passion and see a need, there is someone out there that shares that passion and is willing to support you and make it a reality.

The Storehouse team appreciates Nathan’s work on behalf of the pet clinic and pet food pantry. Though our primary mission and work involves feeding hungry families, we do try to consider the family as a whole and provide other resources when possible. Your contributions help us do so, of your volunteer time or funding. Thank you!