Summer is our busiest season at the Storehouse. When kids are home, families often have extra childcare expenses, increased utility costs, reduced work hours, and other financial obligations to manage. When a family’s pantry and refrigerator are empty, the Storehouse is there to provide the fruits, vegetables, dairy, meats, and canned foods they need.

Families count on the Storehouse this time of year, so we count on you. Your donation this summer is really important in our fight against hunger.

Thousands of families will visit our pantry the next few months including over 4,600 children. New Mexico still ranks the worst in the nation for childhood hunger. One in 4 children is food insecure, wondering where their next meal may come from.

Consider giving a donation to the Storehouse in honor of someone who made your childhood special – a parent, grandparent, or friend. If the children in your life have been blessed to have the food they need, share that gift with others by giving a recurring donation to the Storehouse. An ongoing donation of $20 a month will feed a child in New Mexico 3 meals a day all year long.

With your support, the Storehouse can help kids and their families get the food they need to lead healthy and happy lives.

Each dollar you donate could provide five meals to a hungry child in our community. Make a donation today at