Boy scout food drive
The Boy Scouts are one of the groups that hosted their own food drive for the Storehouse this year.

For health and safety reasons, we are still unable to have groups of volunteers at the Storehouse food pantry. That said, we still get a lot of calls and emails from groups that want to help us. The good news is that there are still ways to get involved. Here are some ways groups can help the food pantry. Clubs, schools, local businesses, and more — read on!

Host a Food Drive: Businesses or Groups

The Storehouse provides 1.7 million meals to New Mexicans each year. A food drive can be a fun team-building experience for everyone involved. We can drop-off and pick-up collection bins to participating organization locations.  We typically require at least two weeks’ notice. Just email and we’ll get you started. You can also call (505)842-6491.

A food drive would be a wonderful way to pitch in right now. Our warehouse shelves are getting pretty bare. Especially when you consider school is going to be out and more families will be counting on the Storehouse. The best items to give are canned fruits and vegetables, peanut butter, hearty soups and stews, and canned meats. Of course, we accept shelf stable foods of all kinds.

Your food drive can be virtual, too. It’s easy to set up on our website, too. The steps are below. This is a nice feature to include when you want to include people who don’t live or work nearby. Or, if you have people meeting or working remotely right now. Just set up your own fundraiser on our website by following the steps below. And, yes, you can include your own logos and photos. It’s completely customizable.

Sandia Area partnered with the Storehouse to raise money and they held food drives at their branches too!
Sandia Area partnered with the Storehouse to raise money and they held food drives at their branches too!

Raise Funds for the Food Pantry

Groups have been very creative in using their strengths to feed local families. Some have sold items they created, for example. Others have washed cars, done yardwork for donations, or provided another service to raise money. The possibilities are endless.

Financial gifts make a significant difference in helping us feed hungry New Mexicans. The Storehouse can purchase food at wholesale prices or below, which increases our impact. Funds also help us buy items we cannot collect at a food drive. As a pantry we like to offer dairy products, meats, and fresh produce. Your contributions help.

You can set up your own virtual food drive or fundraising campaign on the Storehouse website. Feel free to let your donors know you are involved. Add photos of people they will recognize. You can make your involvement clear with club or business logos, too. Set one up here:

For more information, please contact Justin Gomez at 505.221.1675 or We are happy to walk you through the steps. We can also help you brainstorm ways to raise money.

Groups Give, Too!

Lots of local businesses have raised money for the Storehouse over the years. Many groups have also generously donated to help us feed hungry people. You can also simply donate securely at:

With the rising costs of food and gas, we are seeing an uptick in clients at the pantry. We appreciate the support of local businesses, service groups, and schools who support our mission. Get YOUR group involved. Join us in fighting hunger here in New Mexico!