Ready to Ruck!

When most people think of a food drive, we think of the holiday season. They also think of our usual turquoise Storehouse bins out at local businesses or churches that we pick up with our truck. 

During summer, kids are home from school, donations are low, and families need food. Thankfully the Storehouse can count on our friends at Gonzo Rucking to do a food drive in a new way.   

For June’s challenge, Gonzo Rucking had a peanut butter drive for the food pantry. Peanut butter is shelf stable, provides protein, and can help a family stretch their budget because it can be used for lots of meal and snacks. 

Gonzo Rucking has helped out the Storehouse before. If you’re not familiar with “rucking” it’s walking with a loaded backpack. In this case, the group worked on their fitness by loading up their backpacks with peanut butter for the Storehouse.

Those new to rucking start with 10 pounds and stronger exercise buffs carry 20 pounds or more. With peanut butter jars weighing just about a pound, these volunteers loaded up 10 peanut butter jars and head on their way, hiking to the Storehouse in downtown Albuquerque.

This was a great benefit to Storehouse families at a time we were low on peanut butter. Plus, adding the weight is good cardio for the volunteers who burn almost 2 1/2 times more calories than walking alone. The Storehouse and our families greatly appreciated the donation of 122 pounds of peanut butter this summer.

Thank you Gonzo Rucking for 122 lbs of peanut butter!