extra canned goods from the grocery store make great food donations to the food pantry
Shelf stable foods of all kinds are needed at the Storehouse right now.

The shelves in the Storehouse are showing more space that we are used to. We usually have large bins full of canned goods, soups, and shelf stable foods. Today, as we look, there are lots of empty shelves. As it turns out, this is hitting at a tough time. Summer is very busy at the Storehouse for working families who count on us to help feed their kids when they are out of school. In addition, the rising cost of both groceries and gasoline are pushing more at-risk people to food pantries. So, before our stock of food gets any lower, we are reaching out to our supporters to ask for food drives and food donations for the Storehouse. Here are some great ways to donate food.

Buy Extra Food at the Grocery Store So You Can Donate It

Many people find that the easiest way to donate food to the Storehouse is to think of our client families while you are doing your own grocery shopping. In short, buy a little extra during your next grocery trip. The Storehouse accepts pretty much all of the shelf-stable basics. Canned foods of all kind are great. Especially helpful are canned meats, stews, and soup that offer filling protein. Peanut butter is also really helpful. Of course, canned fruits and vegetables are important, too. Other dry goods like oatmeal, cereals, and pastas are welcome, too. Our food stocks are low on nearly everything so you can’t go wrong if you’re buying for us. The only issue we have with storage in our bin system is glass. Try to skip that if you would. Glass breaks and we hate to waste that food.

When you have those extra groceries ready to donate, you can drop them off at the Storehouse. We accept food donations Monday through Saturday from 8 am – 1:30 pm. Please come to the back door (opposite Broadway on the norths side of the building in the alley) and ring the bell for help. Our doorbell is located between the big roll-up door and the regular, smaller door. Someone will come help you unload your food donations.

Kiwanis Club of Albuquerque hosted a food drive in 2021 to help the Storehouse
The Kiwanis Club of Albuquerque hosted a food drive for the Storehouse and you can too!

Encourage Your Business or Club to Host a Food Drive

Another way you can help the Storehouse to get food is to set up a food drive. This can be as simple as having your scout troop decorate a box and ask their neighbors. Or, it can mean having us deliver bins to your business and coming back to get them later, when they are filled. If your business has good foot traffic and generous customers, this can be a great way to show your commitment to our community, while you’re helping feed people in need. To get some bins, call us at (505) 842-6491 or send an email to: info@StorehouseNM.org

Since some people are working remotely and may want to help, you might want to include a digital or virtual food and fundraising aspect to your food drive, too. Upload your own logos and photos. Spell out why you care about feeding others. Our helpful fundraising system at the Storehouse has a plug-in to do just that. If you want to garner support from multiple sites or customers that don’t always come in person, this can be a great addition. It also allows you to see the progress toward your goals and how much total was raised. It’s super easy to set up and we are happy to help. Click here to set yours up. Simply click on “start your own virtual food drive”.

Gardeners Can Also Donate Food!

Do you have a green thumb? Have you found yourself to have more tomatoes than you need? Too much zucchini? A peach tree that produces way too much? Great news! The Storehouse also accepts fresh food donations that are dropped off to the pantry.

Feel free to plant those extra rows and have the big garden you’ve always wanted, knowing it can go to a good cause. Just box or bag that excess produce and we will be happy to share it with our clients. Follow the same instructions as above for dropping off groceries. Our clients will truly be happy to have that garden bounty. Any time of year works.

No matter how you go about it, food donations are appreciated!

The Storehouse counts on food donations to feed local people in need. From individuals to families, babies to seniors — everyone needs food. On average, 40,000 people a year visit our pantry and they count on us to have carts filled with groceries. You can be part of that solution by donating food. When you do, we will appreciate it and so will our clients.