ABQ Involved: Give. Vote. Serve.

ABQ Involved supports Storehouse New Mexico with a $2,500 grant that produced 12,500 meals to feed the hungry. ABQ Involved collects donations from members, a process they began dating back to 2013. The Storehouse was awarded in March as one of three grant finalists for that month. ABQ Involved makes it easy to engage the community through philanthropy and service to local nonprofits. The goal is simple, connect local residents to nonprofits and ignite their passion and inspire them to get involved in the community.

If you are looking for a way to get involved in the community check out ABQ Involved at www.abqinvolved.org. ABQ Involved has roots that go back to Austin where a few of the founders have ties and modeled ABQ Involved after Austin Involved.

Every month, ABQ Involved gives a member-supported grant to a local nonprofit. You can become a member of ABQ Involved by committing to a monthly recurring donation of any amount that fits your budget. This is a great way to get involved in the community, but also to get more involved with the work of Storehouse New Mexico.

Over the past six years, ABQ Involved grants have supported varied organizations that represent the depth and breadth of Albuquerque’s diverse nonprofit sector. Grant recipients may use the funds they receive from ABQ Involved for any purpose. According to founder Shana Baker, “ABQ Involved intentionally provides money that is nimble and unencumbered.”

ABQ Involved organizes at least 3 community service projects per month. They use social media and an online calendar for event sign up. They create an easy way for Albuquerque residents to find and participate in community service. They offer weekend, family friendly events as well as lunchtime and weekday events that easily fit into busy schedules.

The Storehouse has been lucky to have ABQ Involved join us as volunteers as well. On their most recent visit volunteers sorted food, helped families with their groceries, and supported the Storehouse staff with other general duties.

Thank you to ABQ Involved for their support which allows Storehouse to continue to serve its mission!  

ABQ Involved at the Storehouse

ABQ Involved at the Storehouse