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When people come to volunteer at the Storehouse or get in touch with us to save on their water bill, their first contact is often CarrieAnn Maes. She’s the friendly face you’ll find almost any day we are in operation.

CarrieAnn began working at the Storehouse three years ago. A childhood friend told her about the services offered by the Storehouse and she wanted to help those efforts, too. CarrieAnn has been a great asset to the organization. She handles all the applications the Storehouse receives for the Bernalillo County Low Income Water Credit program. CarrieAnn was also a big part of the start of the Pet Food Pantry the Storehouse provides each month, in cooperation with VCA Animal Hospitals.

CarrieAnn says, “My passion is helping people learn how to take better care of themselves, and I try to connect everyone to the variety of resources offered through the Storehouse.” Most people come to the Storehouse simply seeking food, but CarrieAnn sees the importance of approaching the whole person or the whole family to help them take steps to improve their lives far beyond just solving the immediate issue of hunger. For example, PNM Energy Savings Program, Adelante Benefits Connection Center services, health checks provided by UNM Nursing students, and other resources that are offered through visits to the Storehouse.

The Storehouse is full of activity, with lines often wrapping around the building well before the front door opens at 8:45 in the morning. With dedicated people like CarrieAnn helping those in need, the Storehouse remains a fixture in the area that offers a safety net for people who may not have enough food to feed their families, or need a shirt to wear to a job interview. “When I can help a person with even the smallest thing, and see how grateful are, I know that I did my part. My wish is that those efforts give people enough so they continue to have hope and they will be able to move forward in their lives.”

CarrieAnn is instilling community involvement with her own son, too. “I bring my son Zeus to the Storehouse to volunteer, and I get to see the happiness in his heart, knowing he made a difference just by helping in any way he can. I know that I am raising him to be a better, kinder person.”

If you and your child would like to volunteer or learn more about the other resources offered through the Storehouse, visit our website or give us a call.