Every month the Storehouse does outreach or has volunteers from various schools in our community. We feel it is important work, with so many children going hungry, to let kids know they are not alone in their struggles and that help is available. Our team also wants to let families know they can volunteer and help to cultivate a culture of volunteer service in our next generation.

This week for example, our Executive Director, Swarupa, had the opportunity to visit Hubert Humphrey Elementary School to speak with the Student Council. The students were very engaged and asked great questions.

On impulse and to illustrate in a way they would understand, Swarupa had the children play an interactive game in the same fashion as Duck, Duck, Goose.

She walked around the room of seated children tapping them gently on the head saying, “You have dinner, you have dinner, you have dinner, and you are hungry.” Every fourth child stood up to represent the 1 in 4 children in our community who are food insecure. The visual surprised and saddened the children, but also provided a clear illustration of the issue of hunger in our state and ways we can all help. Lots of schools have volunteers come to the Storehouse and of course we support thousands of children and families every month.

Your support makes those efforts possible and is much needed until those statistics improve.

These students represent our bright future and we believe that by working together we will beat hunger in our community. Thank you for being a part of the effort.

If your family wants to come volunteer, please call the pantry location at (505)842-6491.

You can always donate online securely at www.StorehouseNM.org