Thank you to these furloughed employees (pictured above and left) for volunteering. Although they would like to get back to work, we appreciate that they’re using this time to do some good.

The Storehouse has just a handful of staff members so we greatly rely on volunteers to feed local families. Volunteers stock our shelves, sort donated food, and help people go through our grocery lines to select food for their families. If you’re coming by yourself or with a few friends, you can drop by any of our operational hours to pitch in. If you would like to bring a group larger than 5 people, please contact us first so we can plan out your work time with the pantry.

If you or your organization would like to host a food drive as your volunteer project, we can arrange to get a Storehouse barrel to your site.

To learn more, contact Swarupa, our executive director, at or (505)828-1434. Thank you!