In difficult times it is nice to share heartwarming stories like this one, where two sisters gave their stimulus check and a work bonus to help the Storehouse. First, we want to sincerely thank Stephanie and Kate Dawson for thinking of the Storehouse and of people in need. Second, we want to share their story because it inspired us and we hope it inspires others as we enter year two of this pandemic.

The nation has been struggling thanks to COVID-19, not only with health issues, but also with economic woes. People are out of work, and so much has been shut down. Hunger has also worsened for adults and children in New Mexico. As a result of the financial hardships, the government has issued stimulus checks to help people and the economy. In addition, companies that count on essential employees, have also offered bonuses to their staff as a way to say ‘thanks’ for working during the pandemic. Those financial gifts are key to our story.

Kate and Stephanie Dawson, sisters who gave their stimulus check and a work bonus to help the Storehouse food pantry
Kate (left) and Stephanie Dawson – sisters who gave their stimulus check and a bonus to support the Storehouse.

Meet These Giving Sisters

Stephanie and Kate Dawson are two sisters raised in the Albuquerque area. Raised well, it seems, to care about others. Stephanie worked at a local nonprofit for nearly a decade before taking on a new job at UNM Hospital a few years ago. She works in accounting and has volunteered for years to help low-income people do their taxes through Tax Help NM. Stephanie has also taken part in our Storehouse Charity Golf Tournament and been a donor to our work.

Kate works in behavioral health, helping troubled children, and has for many years. First in New Mexico and now in Texas. She travels a lot for her current job, giving kids in need hope, all over the country. However, she has never forgotten her Albuquerque roots. Nor has she forgotten that so many people here suffer from hunger.

History of Caring Leads to Sisters Giving Stimulus & Bonus to Help People in Need

Both sisters know people who have struggled and both have made giving back to the community part of their lives. It is no surprise that when Stephanie received a bonus from UNM Hospital that she donated it to the Storehouse. Or, that when Kate got her stimulus check, she donated that to the food pantry.

Stephanie, through her work at UNM Hospital, knew lives were being affected by COVID. Not to mention, she had already been in the nonprofit field and had donated to Storehouse before. When UNM gifted her with a bonus, Stephanie knew that this was not a time for thinking of oneself but to think of others. Stephanie says, “During this time, we need to look to see how we can help others. To be our better selves.”

Kate shared similar thoughts about donating her stimulus check. “I remember my thought process being that I wanted to give back during this time of need. I was incredibly fortunate to have a steady job, and I knew so many were suffering, so it was important to give back. Also, one of my love languages is food, so I knew I wanted to give money and have people have more access to food. The Storehouse has a special place in my heart. I am happy I could contribute and give folks some sort of relief during a difficult time.”

Inspired by this Generosity? Donate your stimulus!

The Storehouse team was inspired by these sisters and wanted to share their story. We hope it lets our clients know that people really do care and want to help. Thanks to these sisters and so many others like them, we were able to give away over 1.5 million meals last year.

If you are equally inspired by these sisters, please know how far your stimulus check or other bonus funds would go at the Storehouse to help others. We know many people need every penny of that money, but if you still have a job and want to share part of your good fortune, we would appreciate it. With every dollar gifted to us, the Storehouse can give away 5 meals.

Give today at:

Thank you to Stephanie, Kate, and all of our amazing donors!

Stephanie (left) and Kate Dawson are young, caring professionals who grew up in Albuquerque and donate to the Storehouse. These photos were provided by them and were taken prior to the pandemic.