September is Hunger Action Month, a national focus encouraging people to pay attention and support the cause of fighting hunger in the United States. Of course, the Storehouse fights hunger all year long. After all, hunger is a long-standing and important issue in New Mexico. But, it’s fun to engage in new ways and involve new people in our mission. So here are a few ideas about ways you can support the Storehouse during Hunger Action Month.

Get Social & Share Our News During Hunger Action Month

The easiest way to support our mission during Hunger Action Month is probably to simply follow us on social media and share our posts. We have Facebook and Instagram accounts for Storehouse New Mexico (@StorehouseNM is our handle). On those channels we share food news, recipes, and food puns. And, yes, we share updates about our work at the food pantry, too. When you follow us and especially share our posts with others, you help us spread the word about the Storehouse and what we do. Have friends and family who care about the community? They might want to know more about our work!

woman holding two graphics: instagram logo and facebook logo; asking people to follow Storehouse on their social channels
One of the ways you can support Storehouse is to follow us on social media and share our news.

Take Action to Learn More About the Storehouse & Our Work Fighting Hunger

So often people are curious about what happens at the food pantry and how we operate. The perfect way to learn more is to schedule a tour of the food pantry. Set up a tour

You can also subscribe to our e-news to learn more about our work and ongoing projects. Or invite someone from our organization to come speak to your service organization, church, or club. To arrange a speaker, email us at

Take Action by Participating in Storehouse Events

Many people initially get involved with the Storehouse or our mission through the variety of events that we host or are hosted on our behalf. These events happen nearly all year long. In September, several local craft brewers are pitching in and you can support the effort simply by buying the beer. Learn more about One for 5 beer here.

In October, we’re having our annual Charity Golf Tournament. It’s hosted, once again, by Albertsons Market. You can sign up your team or become a sponsor. That’s a great way to take action to support the Storehouse. Learn more or sign up for golf here.

Donations are Always a Great Way to Take Action to Fight Hunger

Food pantries like the Storehouse are not government organizations. We were founded locally by a pastor who used to pass food out to people in need out of the trunk of his car. He required ongoing donations to keep doing his work and though we have a building today, we still require ongoing funding to fight hunger. Yes, we do apply for and receive grants. However, a majority of our funding comes from individual donors just like you. Donate here.

If you don’t happen to have the means to donate a lot yourself, keep in mind that every little bit adds up. In fact, every dollar donated to the Storehouse provides 5 meals to locals in need. If you have friends and family that know you care about our mission, you can set up your own fundraiser on our site. Celebrating a birthday or anniversary? In lieu of gifts you can help local families put food on their tables. It’s easy to do and to invite others to get involved. Check out our Host Your Own Fundraiser tool.

Food is also a welcome gift to the Storehouse. Your business or faith community can host a food drive and give those canned goods and shelf stable items to the Storehouse. Because it’s harvest time, we also want you to know that if your garden is overflowing with more peaches or zucchini, those treats also are appreciated by the Storehouse and our clients. Just bring them by the pantry Monday through Saturday from 7 am to 2 pm. Come to the back, alley-side door and ring the bell. We’ll be happy to share your excess fruits or vegetables with our clients.

Hopefully these tips have been a good reminder of ways you can take action to fight hunger. Not just during September, Hunger Action Month, but all year long. Thank you for your ongoing support!