September is Hunger Action Month. Three local craft breweries have taken action to help fight hunger in New Mexico and raise money for the Storehouse. Steel Bender Brewyard, Sierra Blanca Brewing Company, and Second Street Brewery collaborated to brew a special beer: One for 5.

This is the third year in a row the craft breweries have teamed up to help hungry families in our community. This year, the focus was very, very local…starting with the ingredients. One for 5 beer is a Hazy Pale Ale that features Sabro and Zappa neomexicanus hops and locally sourced malt, for a uniquely New Mexican beer. Other ingredients include malted wheat, rolled oats and a touch of light crystal malt. Mariah Scee from Second Street Brewery shared, “We have really loved collaborating on the recipe for this year’s brew, which is a hazy pale ale. It’s crisp, thirst-quenching, with a balanced and citrusy hop profile, and highly drinkable with a lower ABV than IPA.” (ABV stands for Alcohol by Volume)

Brewers from Sierra Blanca Brewing Company, Steel Bender Brewyard, and Second Street Brewery toast the new One for 5 hazy pale ale beer they brewed together to raise money for the Storehouse of New Mexico.
Brewers from Sierra Blanca Brewing Company, Steel Bender Brewyard, and Second Street Brewery sampled a variety of flavors on brewing day as they picked just the right mix of ingredients for this year’s One for 5 hazy pale ale beer; a beer they created together to benefit the Storehouse.

Why is the Beer Named One for 5?

So, how did this beer end up being named One for 5? Well, every dollar donated to the Storehouse provides five meals for hungry New Mexicans. One for 5 simply means $1 = five meals. New Mexico currently ranks 48th in the nation for childhood hunger. Every dollar donated makes a difference for hungry families. Shelby Chant, co-owner of Steel Bender Brewyard helped come up with the name several years ago because that fact stood out to her. Shelby says, “Helping our local community is part of what makes us tick. So being able to enlist the help of an audience that not only loves craft beer but also loves helping our community means we can help Storehouse’s dollars go even farther.”

Having One for 5 beer on tap sparks conversations about the Storehouse and its mission, says Suzanne Weber, co-owner of Sierra Blanca Brewing Company. “Our patrons are more familiar with food insecurity issues in our state because of our participation in One for 5 beer,” she said. “The number one question we are asked is ‘What’s new on tap?’ During Hunger Action Month the conversation focuses on how the Storehouse is an invaluable community resource fighting hunger.”

The collaboration on this project didn’t end with the brewing. Albertsons Market/Market Street and Admiral Beverage Corporation are making One for 5 beer available state-wide, and 94 Rock is getting the word out.

How Can the Public Support the One for 5 Beer Project?

The One for 5 Hazy Pale Ale is the perfect addition to your Labor Day Weekend barbeque. For that matter, it will be fun to have along all September long or while supplies last. It’s even more delicious knowing that the proceeds are directly feeding local families. Not a beer drinker? You can still support the Storehouse by donating during Hunger Action Month. Click here to donate to the One for 5 campaign.

Each of us can pitch in to fight hunger! Cheers to Albertsons Market/Market Street, 94 Rock, Admiral Beverage Corporation, Second Street Brewery, Steelbender Brewyard, and Sierra Blanca Brewing Company for supporting the Storehouse again this year.