Church volunteers pack up hot meals to transport to the Storehouse.

Though the Storehouse is a food pantry, like a free grocery store to people who need our support, we have recently begun working with the St. George Greek Orthodox Church and Adelante Development Center to host and distribute a hot meal for people in need.

Though all of our clients are people in need, we usually see the working poor. People who are working, but not quite earning enough to pay rent and groceries or who have an unexpected bill that sends them to the Storehouse to feed their families. With this new hot meal program, we are seeing a whole new level of poverty and helping more people in need.

The leaders and congregants at St. George approached us about bringing hot meals they create in their kitchens with their volunteers, but wanted to know if we could help distribute and serve them one day a month. It was a new idea to us, and outside our usual work providing groceries, but we do provide produce and fresh foods, so the Storehouse was open to new ways to help hungry people.

We have now held two events working with St. George, serving delicious Greek chicken and vegetables with a starchy side like rice or potatoes. It is delicious food and people were very grateful.

Through the hot meal service, the Storehouse has been meeting and helping new people who are in dire situations and needing food, who either didn’t know about our services or who, because they only have a back pack and no place to store food, don’t often come to the pantry. Hopefully, each one will remember the Storehouse and know they can come back for groceries, even if it’s just peanut butter and bread and pop-top cans to eat where they can.

The Storehouse greatly appreciates the St. George community for showing their care for their fellow man

We are happy to provide this service through the generosity of the St. George Greek Orthodox Church.

through this new initiative.

The next hot meal will be January 8, 2019 at the Storehouse fixed pantry site on Broadway. No ID is required and the full information is posted as an event on our Facebook page.