Each donation goes to feeding local families and individuals.

Albuquerque is quickly becoming known nationwide for the great breweries that are popping up throughout our city, but they do more than produce great beer. There is a heartfelt philanthropic side to these brewers.

During this year’s Hunger Action Month activities at the Storehouse, five brew houses stepped up to donate a portion of each of their September profits to benefit the Storehouse. Each brewery, Steel Bender Brew House, Red Door Brewery, Rio Bravo Brewery, Alien Brewery, and Santa Fe Brewing, gave donations that totaled close to $7,000. This contribution will help our pantry provide an additional 32,500 meals in the coming months.

In October, the Storehouse was honored to be chosen as one of the four charities that Bosque Brewing support annually. Their fundraiser also included a specific beer they sold throughout the month of which they gave a portion of the proceeds to the Storehouse. The $2,515 total provided 10,000 additional meals.

A big THANK YOU to iHeart Radio for partnering with the Storehouse and these six generous breweries to help the Storehouse secure more food for over 14,000 hungry people.