Right now, our community faces challenging and uncertain times. But the spirit of kindness and generosity stay strong. For the Storehouse, adversity has brought community support from near and far, including people who donate to our food pantry. When Bell’s Brewery approached the Storehouse with their “Feeding our Backyard” program, we thought: “where’s Bell’s Brewery?” It shocked us to learn they brew beer 1,500 miles away!

Not only does Bell’s have great award-winning beer (people have voted the Two Hearted Ale as best beer in America for three years in a row), but deep and humble roots, as well. In 1985 Larry Bell sold his first batch of beer, brewed out of a 15-gallon soup pot in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Today, Bell’s brews over 20 unique beers sold in 31 states across the country, including New Mexico. Their Eccentric Café and General Store operate in the same building where Larry Bell started it all. Bell’s also has a brewery in the nearby city of Comstock, Michigan.

Silas Sims, Area Sales Manager, came up with the idea of “Feeding our Backyard.” He explains, “In this time of great instability, we at Bell’s wanted to take the opportunity to give back to the great New Mexicans who have been impacted by the pandemic. With New Mexico’s high level of food insecurity, it just made sense to put effort into the state. We feel fortunate and thrilled to work with the great Storehouse organization!”

Bell's Brewery Feeding Our Backyard graphic.

Join Bell’s and Donate to the Storehouse Food Pantry!

You can find the “Feeding Our Backyard” promotion, in partnership with Premier Distributing, ongoing at your local Albertsons Market stores, Total Wine, and Jubilation Wine and Spirits. When you purchase Bell’s Brewery products you are supporting their donation to the Storehouse. “Feeding Our Backyard” posters displayed in the stores also have a QR code that directs you to the Storehouse website. From there, you can join Bell’s Brewery and donate to the Storehouse. (Just use your picture function on your phone to capture the QR code and it will provide a link to donate.

With high unemployment rates, more people are choosing between buying groceries and paying rent. We at the Storehouse thank supporters like Bell’s Brewery, who prove that community knows no distance.

If you’d like to join Bell’s Brewery in their campaign for our food pantry, click here: https://www.classy.org/campaign/storehouse-bells-brewery-campaign/c302792

Every dollar donated provides five meals. Thank you!

A Storehouse employee loads food up in a car for a family. When you donate to our food panty, you help feed our neighbors.
You can help donate to our food pantry through the Feeding Our Backyard promotion. Every dollar provides five meals to a person in need!