From April 28 until May 10, 2021, Albertsons Market cashiers asked customers to consider ‘rounding up’ their grocery bills to donate to the Storehouse. Some customers would round up to the next dollar or even add an extra $5 or $10 to their total. Thanks to all of the stores in the Storehouse service area, including Albertsons Markets in Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, and Los Lunas, they were able to raise over $32,000 for the Storehouse. Because every dollar provides 5 meals, that will add up to over 160,000 meals for local families. We received a check in June, which was very appreciated. We were also able to recognize a very kind cashier as our Hunger Hero.

Hunger Hero, Yvonne, is celebrated by the staff of both Storehouse and Albertsons Market
Hunger Hero Yvonne shows off her cape at the Rio Rancho Albertsons Market store

The Biggest Hunger Hero at Albertsons Market

Albertsons Market invited our Storehouse team to visit one of their local grocery stores to pick up this donation. Of course, we wanted to celebrate with them. After all, they are long-time supporters of the Storehouse. Not to mention multiple organizations that fight hunger in New Mexico.

Because so much of this project rested in the capable hands of the Albertsons Market cashiers, we got some special gifts together.

One of our team members is a quilter and he made a special Hunger Hero cape that we gave to the cashier that raised the most money during the campaign. Another Storehouse staff member generously gave a $100 gift card she had won. These cashiers have been on the front line of the pandemic, too. We wanted to make sure they knew the Storehouse team appreciated their efforts.

On June 24, the Storehouse staff got to meet Yvonne, the cash register clerk who became our Hunger Hero. The event was streamed on Facebook Live. Yvonne works at the Los Lunas location of Albertsons Market.

The Secret to Our Hunger Hero’s Success

When asked what her secret was to receiving so many donations, Yvonne said, “I just asked.” Some customers asked her if the money stayed local. “I told them the money stays local and feeds local families,” Yvonne said. She’s right – because Storehouse runs such efficient operations, 97 cents of every dollar goes directly to feeding local families. People were very generous. We also thought that was due to Yvonne’s bright smile and kind heart. She is very convincing. Truly, this fundraiser would not have been successful without great people like Yvonne, our Hunger Hero. She and the Los Lunas store raised the most money for the Storehouse.

Of course, the Storehouse and Albertsons Market are both very grateful for the customers who pitched in to give. Each time someone gave a few cents or a few dollars it really added up. Those gifts will help local people put food on their tables, too. If you donated through Albertsons Market, we appreciate you.

Hunger Hero Yvonne with staff from Albertsons Market and Storehouse NM
Team members from the Storehouse and Albertsons Market celebrate the success of the recent fundraising campaign at Albertsons Market checkouts.

Albertsons Market’s Work Fighting Hunger is Pretty Heroic, too!

The fundraiser is just one of the dozens of ways Albertsons’ Market supports the Storehouse. Their stores donate food on a ongoing basis to the food pantry. They help connect us to other businesses who supply them with food to help us get even more donations. A gift of dozens of hams from Hormel happened this March. And, a business called First Fruits gifted the Storehouse several pallets of apples as part of their “Take a Bite Out of Hunger” campaign in April. Albertsons Market allowed us to have our car show fundraiser in one of their parking lots in June. Plus, they are going to sponsor our upcoming golf tournament.

Travis Chaney, Regional Vice President for Albertsons Market, expressed his gratitude for our work when we went to catch up with him and wrap up the donate at the register campaign. He said, “We appreciate the Storehouse and all that the Storehouse does to feed local families. We are happy to support your efforts.” In turn, we are truly grateful for Albertsons Markets and their continued support. Together, we are making a difference in fighting hunger here in New Mexico.

Would you like to be a Hunger Hero, too? Please consider hosting your own fundraiser for the Storehouse. It’s easy to do and it really helps us provide food to local families.  Or, simply donate to help us fight hunger.