On March 16, the Storehouse was very grateful to get 423 hams from Albertsons Market and Hormel. The gift was part of Hormel’s Hams for Hunger campaign. These hams will be given to Storehouse families over the next couple of weeks leading up to the Easter holiday. Storehouse is thankful for the generous donation. In addition, we appreciate being able to give high quality hams to our hungry families. The Hams for Hunger campaign is taking place in New Mexico and Texas where Albertsons Market (in conjunction with Hormel) has donated over 58,000 hams to food banks and pantries throughout the region.

Less Workers, Less Meat

Early on during the pandemic, you probably remember finding empty shelves at the grocery store. Often, there was nothing where the ground beef, chicken, and other meats should be. As people purchased more meats than they usually do, meat packing plants struggled to keep up with the demand, and social distancing meant less workers packing less meat. This increased the price of meat that was on the shelves. For many struggling Americans, meat was off the table. CNBC has reported that the meat packing supply chain several times, saying will likely be impacted as long as the virus remains a threat in the US.

Storehouse clients have also seen a decrease in the meats available to them at the pantry. The Albertsons Market and Hormel Hams for Hunger donation makes it possible for hungry Storehouse families to enjoy meat again.

Help Storehouse Purchase Meats

Storehouse gives our customers staples from the five food groups. Protein is an important source for building muscles and healthy bones at all ages. It can even help build a stronger immune system. Meat is one of the best protein sources, and thanks to the Hams for Hunger campaign, Storehouse has over 400 hams to share with our clients. A typical 4 oz. portion has 20 grams of protein! If you would like to join Albertsons Market and help Storehouse provide meats for a hungry family, please consider making a donation to the Storehouse today. We can purchase meats and other items at wholesale prices. Every $1 donated can provide 5 meals for hungry New Mexicans. Thank you!

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