With their latest check for our golf tournament and tons of food that they have provided over the years, our records show that Albertsons Market has just passed the 4 million mark for meals donated to the Storehouse New Mexico food pantry.

Travis Chaney, regional vice president for Albertson Market, said, “During the COVID-19 pandemic, food banks have been dealing with unprecedented demand as more and more people fall victim to food insecurity. Albertsons Market has a long tradition of supporting initiatives to address hunger and Storehouse does a remarkable job feeding people with very low administrative costs. We are proud to donate product, money and the time of our team members to meet the hunger needs of our neighbors.”  

Those 4 Million Meals Include Tons of Donated Food

Our records, showing a long partnership where excess food is donated to the Storehouse, go back to 2011. The Storehouse donation trucks visit Albertsons Market stores all over central New Mexico on a regular basis to pick up food. To date, Albertsons has donated 3,832,548 pounds of food to the Storehouse. We are very grateful for having this food to stock our pantry. Truly, it is a key part of our organization.

Albertsons Market managers and directors hold cans of One for 5 beer that they are selling as a fundraiser for the Storehouse.

Financial Gifts from Albertsons

On top of all the produce, dairy products, canned goods and more that Albertsons Market donates, they are also generous funders. All nonprofits need cash donations to run the operations. The Storehouse is no different, even though we dedicate a very small percentage to administration. We still have to pay electric bills, buy fuel for our trucks and more. Our most recent audit shows just 3 percent going to administrative functions. That means, 97% is directly used providing food to people in need. (Our accountants and auditors were very proud of us for those numbers.)

Our donor database shows that Albertsons Market has donated over $160,000 in funding to the Storehouse through their various charitable entities. In fact, a check for $15,000 we picked up recently for our golf tournament is included in that generous total. That was very thoughtful. Especially considering that we couldn’t hold the golf tournament due to the pandemic. In total, those donations have helped us provide over 825,000 meals to New Mexicans in need.

Above & Beyond Support

So, wow. It’s true, over 4 million meals have been donated from Albertsons Market. Not to mention that Albertsons and their managers and directors understand the need. They have been consistently ready to help the Storehouse in nearly any way they can. For example, when we have needed shopping carts, they have shared their older ones. They were the retailer who stepped up to sell the One for 5 IPA, brewed by local craft brewers. They are also pitching in on an upcoming beer fundraiser with Bell’s Brewery. Finally, Albertsons Market leaders have also served on our board of directors, guiding our efforts. Thank you Albertsons Market!

For more information on Albertsons Market or to find your closest location to buy One for 5 IPA or Bell’s Brewery products, visit albertsonsmarket.com