Storehouse New Mexico is a community resource fighting hunger. We offer FREE food to people who need it regardless of their income. Many families fall in a gap we refer to as the ‘working poor’. They earn too much to get SNAP (formerly food stamps), but a major car repair, medical bill, or reduced hours at work can have them wondering where their next meal might come from.

New Mexico ranks among the worst in the nation for hunger, for both children and adults. With your support, we are able to feed over 50,000 people who come to our food pantry every year. The Storehouse relies on volunteers to fulfill our mission, and individuals or groups are welcome during operational hours. Please visit our volunteer page for more information.

Bells Brewery Feeding Our Backyard Summer 2021

ABQ Grub Crawl 2021

Grub Crawl is a city-wide food drive created by Albuquerque Academy graduate and Storehouse volunteer Izzy Thomas. From August 5–7, she and other volunteers will be collecting donations house-to-house and at select Albertsons Markets across town. How can you participate in the Grub Crawl? Learn more here!

COVID19 Update:  The Storehouse is currently open Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays 9 am – 12 noon. 

People are still getting a full shopping cart of food, including a box of nonperishable items plus bags of meats and fruits and/or vegetables, however food is being prepacked in boxes until further notice. Please line up outside the Storehouse and stand 6 ft apart. Everyone is required to wear a mask.  Each person will check in with our staff, get a number, and then collect their food outside at the south door. As we respond to the COVID19 pandemic, we appreciate your ongoing support and understanding. Thank you!

Food banks and food pantries are listed as essential businesses. Even with most recent health orders, we remain open and giving out food. 

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Host Your Own Fundraiser/Virtual Food Drive

It’s an easy way to support the Storehouse as an individual, as a company, or as a service club. 

Our Mission

Storehouse New Mexico is a nonprofit community-based food pantry that provides free food to people in need.

Please consider supporting our work feeding hungry people in New Mexico.

If you prefer to make a donation by mail, please send it to: Storehouse New Mexico, PO Box 94810, Albuquerque, NM 87199

June is National Fresh Fruits & Vegetables Month

June is National Fresh Fruits & Vegetables Month

The Storehouse works hard to provide fresh fruits and vegetables year-round to local families. After all, they are healthy and filling and good for snacks and well as meals. To highlight that aspect of our work at the food pantry, we are sharing information about...

Hot Rods for Hunger Car Show to Benefit the Storehouse

Hot Rods for Hunger Car Show to Benefit the Storehouse

The Storehouse is always looking for new ways to reach the community and raise money to feed local families. New events can be a fun and exciting way to raise awareness about hunger. So, when our Board Chair, Nathan Sanchez, came up with an idea for the Hot Rods for...

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