FACE The Hunger

The Storehouse is thrilled this holiday season to be partnering once again with Sandia Area Federal Credit Union on another #FACEtheHunger holiday challenge. FACE stands for Feeding Area Children Everyday and this campaign recognizes that here in New Mexico 1 in 4 children go hungry all year long. Join Sandia Area in making a difference for the families here in New Mexico.

Celebrate with a gift to the Storehouse!

Virtual “gift” cards are now available to send to your loved ones.

A gift of just $25 a month would provide food for a local child. $100 a month would provide food for an entire family. Every gift is appreciated.

Host Your Own Fundraiser/Virtual Food Drive

It’s an easy way to support the Storehouse as an individual, as a company, or as a service club. 

The Storehouse is currently open Wednesday, Fridays, & Saturdays from 9 am – 12 noon. 

People are still getting a full shopping cart of food, including a box of nonperishable items, plus bags of meats and fruits and/or vegetables — however, food is being pre-packed in boxes until further notice. Please line up outside the Storehouse and stand 6 ft apart. Each person will check in with our staff, get a number and then collect their food outside at the south door. As we respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, we appreciate your ongoing support and understanding. Thank you!

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Our Mission

Storehouse New Mexico is a nonprofit community-based food pantry that provides free groceries to people in need.

Donate Food or Collect Food – We Need it Now!

Donate Food or Collect Food – We Need it Now!

Shelf stable foods of all kinds are needed at the Storehouse right now. The shelves in the Storehouse are showing more space that we are used to. We usually have large bins full of canned goods, soups, and shelf stable foods. Today, as we look, there are lots of empty...

Hot Rods for Hunger Will Benefit the Storehouse

Hot Rods for Hunger Will Benefit the Storehouse

The Storehouse is always looking for new ways to reach the community and raise money to feed local families. New events can be a fun and exciting way to raise awareness about hunger. So, when our Board Chair, Nathan Sanchez and his fellow car club member Ashlee...

Oasis in a Food Desert: the Storehouse

Oasis in a Food Desert: the Storehouse

When it comes to hunger, food deserts are a concern appearing on more and more people’s radar. And we at the Storehouse are working to be an oasis in that desert. What is a Food Desert? Simply put, food deserts are areas that lack easy access to fresh, healthy food....

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